Friday, October 26, 2007


All our blogs feature this warning today!

You know how vulnerable your pets are when they come into contact with traffic - now please let me point you to a website which will make you think of the other animals who are in danger from the increasing amount of traffic on the roads.

The website I am going to point you towards is based in America, but the thought behind the email which I received from them applies equally to many, many countries.

Hop over to the Defenders Organization to check their 'Watch Out for Wildlife' posting. Large animals can be seriously injured or killed so please take care and slow down where signs are posted warning of animals.

Even if you don't care about the animals... your car, and maybe you, won't come off scot free!

In the UK there are a growing number of accidents involving deer, and they can be quite serious to the car, the occupants, and the poor deer who often appear from nowhere and dash out in front of anything.

Also please spare a thought for the hedgehogs during the spring, summer, and early autumn - and now there are increasing numbers of otters being killed on our roads.

If the only male in an area, or the only female for that matter, is killed the area will be without a breeding pair... please take care.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Anti cruelty

Check out this 'new to me' anti cruelty website... Anti Eating Dogs

Thursday, October 18, 2007


How to make your puppy look SO cute!

Have you visited our 'Doggy Blog Clips' recently? Why not click on the link in our left-hand margin?

One 'trick' you could learn about in the clips is teaching your puppy to cross its front paws. It does look really cute!

Whenever and wherever you walk your pup, you will find there are loads of interesting birds in city centres and parks, as well as in towns and the countryside - and the more you learn, the more interested you will be! Our previous dog was fascinated by birds and would stand and watch them.

Check out the RSPB website for details... and what about a gift membership for someone this Christmas? Would some young family member benefit from becoming a member of the YOC?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The 'blog' in the margin... Doggy Blog Clips

If you click on 'doggy blog clips' in our margin you will find that we have added three most interesting new clips in the blog there today.

The subjects are wide ranging... from an introduction to clicker training, via genetics and behaviour, to positive versus negative reinforcement training methods.

From my previous posts in this, and the other dog blogs [which you'll find links to in the margin] you will know that the only behaviour reinforcement training I believe in is - positive!

You will find plenty of posts within the blogs which support this view, and also useful links to the best training available... both in recommended books, and online courses of various types... again you'll find links to check out in the margin!

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Thursday, October 4, 2007


Grooming, feeding, smelling sweet... and more

Just a quick note to say that you will find all the above subjects covered in new additions to 'Doggy Blog Clips'... just click the link in our left-hand margin!

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