Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It's a dogs life!

At least we can make choices in the way our pets are treated! You will find links to many natural products, training methods, and recipes for your pet in our left-hand margin.

If you click the links you'll find many helpful araticles on pet health and other topics... health freedom for pets! Now check the link below to see how humans fare on the freedom issue.

Health Freedom... check this out to see just what remaining few health freedoms we have, how they are gradually being eroded, and how to fight to stop this erosion!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Advice for first time bonfire night pups!

The 'season' or the celebrations for bonfire night seem to be spread over a longer and longer period each succeeding year in the UK!

So many poor puppies are terrified of the bangs, they hide, or they shiver and shake with fear, or both... I am hoping it will soon be finished with for their sakes.

If you have a fearful pet just try to reassure it, talk to it, and say positive things about the fireworks... as in 'isn't it pretty' in an upbeat voice! Some people say this works, worth a try!

We are so lucky in that our rescue dog seems to ignore them completely. Though one evening we were outside and some rockets went off and he just stood there with his head on one side and watched and seemed MOST interested. He just seemed to be admiring them!

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