Saturday, March 31, 2007


You are in control of your pets weight...

Please don't let your young pup put on too much weight... puppy fat!

Yes, they are appealing, but, no, they shouldn't be fed scraps and titbits from the table.

If they do get titbits make them WORK for them, as with obedience work. Otherwise left-over rice, gravy, cooked vegetables, chicken or lamb [be careful there are no bones] can be fed as part of their meals... not as an extra.

My take on bones is... don't give them ANY. Yes, some people say they can have marrow bones or large bones... but if your pup or dog should loosen a small fragment and it got stuck in its throat... you would never forgive yourself. Best not to risk it.

Please see my cautions on toys which are too small and can get stuck in the throat, and sticks, on another post, maybe even on one of my other doggy blogs... check them all out if you want to read it - though it was a horror story, and I'm afraid I underestimated the size of the stick - it was nearer 12 inches [grudgingly, I'll add that that is around 30 cm].

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Friday, March 30, 2007


SitStayFetch... puppy training the easy way

Probably THE most popular dog and puppy training product on the internet! And rightly so, it covers just about everything you could possibly need to know about training your puppy... and then some! It evolves in a simple to understand and practical manner, which explains the 'why' of dog behavior, and what you should do to make it work towards what you require.

This simple step-by-step approach will correct any behavior problems... as long as you apply it.

You will need to start with the Alpha Dog lessons and get across to your pet that you are the Alpha.

One happy SitStayFetch owner said... "I had no idea that doing something as simple as making him sit before I put his bowl of food down would make a difference in how my pup viewed me".

Puppies become more confident, and are happy to know that we are the pack leaders who protect, feed and love them.

You will learn comprehensive information on all of the following subjects and aspects of puppy training:-

fixing any puppy behavior problem
tips and secrets to use in your everyday puppy obedience training
specific commands and tricks to teach your pup
the best way to select, buy and raise a new puppy or older dog.

The best part about this information is that anyone can do it and it’s easy!
Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, it doesn’t matter, you'll learn, in minutes a day, how to transform your dog’s behavior.

The information and techniques apply to all breeds and all ages of dogs. Forget hiring a professional dog trainer. Save hundreds of dollars and learn their most guarded secrets here. Best of all, the information and techniques are easy for anyone to use.

For more information Click Here! to view SitStayFetch: Dog Training To Stop Your Pups Behavior Problems

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Thursday, March 29, 2007


You could consider adopting a puppy...

Check out the following article...

"2006-01-13 - Adopted Mutt Finds Perfect Home, Takes Extreme Vertical Championship

Another reason to adopt a homeless dog: the chance he'll earn $30,000 this year as a dock dog.

Dock dogs compete in an agility contest, running and leaping from a platform into water. Whichever pooch gets the biggest air, wins.

And Colby, a dobie/lab mix rescued by a young college student four years ago, turns out to be the Michael Jordan of dogs."

To find more information about Colby and his owner, plus loads of useful hints and tips... Click Here!

The Dogs Trust in the UK has all kinds of dogs and puppies for adoption... one on The Underdog Show was a delightful pup of only eight months.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Giving the correct commands... the difference between 'down' and 'off'

The first and most vital thing you must do is decide if DOWN is the word you want to use to get your puppy to go 'down'.

There is a possibility of confusion if you aren't careful in choosing a different word for if you want your pet to get off something... for example, if your pet has got up on a chair or sofa and you want it to get down... it will be no good saying 'down', or it will do as it is told, and lie down!

[So if you want down to mean 'down', you will have to use 'off' for getting off something.]

Now on to teaching your pet to 'down'... and once your puppy will happily do this, you will be on the way to curing an overly dominant pup [in the down position your puppy will feel at its most vulnerable].

Treats in the form of your pups favorite titbit are a good lure to get your pet into the 'down' position. Hold the titbit in front of your puppy, and lower your hand to the floor whilst saying down - don't release the titbit until your pet is down. Give the titbit and plenty of praise when the required position has been attained!

Sitting on the floor, making your leg into a ^ sort of shape [with your knee as the top of the triangle]... then using your opposite hand to encourage your puppy through the triangle with a titbit, is a way of getting them into a down position, if they are amenable to that, or can treat it as a type of game! Give plenty of praise if you are successful.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Pet food recall... and what YOU need to know

Massive Pet Food Recall

Menu Foods has issued a large-scale recall of their "cuts and gravy"-style canned pet food, due to reports of renal failure in pets that consume this food. For a complete list of the brands affected, and more information, please check out the Menu Foods website.

I found the information at the following website, so to check for further details and other useful info just visit About dogs

[This is a current problem and more information has come to light within the last few days.]

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Monday, March 26, 2007


Real doggy secrets... and dog hair!

I found this delightful article at DogCast Radio perhaps you would like to read more! I so agree about the dog hair... though with a Ridgeback it isn't only the lowest shelf of the fridge!

"What dog owners can tell scientists about the nature of the universe
By Tony Hill
Scientists all over the world are searching for the missing matter in the universe. They know how much there should be from observing they way the galaxies move, but they just can't find it. You may hear this missing stuff called "dark matter", but that is just their way of saying they can't see it, and don't really know where it is.

They have carefully counted all they matter they can find, every galaxy, every plasma could, every atom, every photon of light. (They have the time; they don't get invited to many parties.) Then they will explain, at great length and in great detail, how there just isn't enough matter to match the observed behaviour of the universe. (This is why they don't get invited to many parties.)

I can tell them where the missing matter is. It's dog hair. Have you ever heard a scientist say that they included dog hair when totting up the contents of the universe? No. And what they seem to have missed is that there is an almost inexhaustible supply of it.

Our house is just full of dog hair. It's everywhere. Clean the house of dog hair from top to bottom; not just the ones on the floor, including those under the sofa and the sideboard, and the ones that cling to the upholstery, both the top and the under sides of the seat cushions. Eradicate even the ones that line the inside of your shoe, the couple that are always on the lowest shelf of the fridge, and the really irritating ones that cling to any surface with static such as TV screens. Do all this, and for just a few minutes your house will be hair free, but very soon there will be as much as there ever was, as the natural balance of the universe is restored.

Were dog hair constructed of normal matter, then of course we would just be converting matter in one form (dog food) into matter of another form (dog hair). But this is not ordinary matter. It defies our current understanding of the Law of Conservation of Mass, as the amount of hair produced will always be vastly more than the quantity of food provided, without any risk of the dog becoming bald.

So this is my call to the scientists to lay down their telescopes when looking for the missing mass in the universe, and pick up the vacuum cleaner. (I bet their wives would agree.)

This is not the only area where we dog owners seem to know more than the scientists. For example, any scientist who proclaims with absolute authority that there is no such thing as perpetual motion has never seen a Labrador’s tail.

Similarly, they will tell us that faster than light travel is plainly impossible. I'm afraid that have to inform them that this is simply not true.

Regardless of how far away our dog is when we open his food container, he is suddenly there, waiting attentively at his bowl, without ever having been visible in any of the intervening space. Perhaps I imagine it, but just occasionally I might catch, out of the corner of my eye, a faint blue flash, perhaps from what scientists call 'Doppler shift' where an object is travelling so fast it is actually catching up with it's own light waves, causing it to change colour, the same way an ambulance siren changes it's tone as it passes you.

Sometimes, scientists are on the right track, but they haven't quite got there yet. Take quantum tunnelling. They theorise that because, due to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, atoms don't exist in a particular place, they have a "probability cloud", an area of places the might be. If the cloud happens to cross a barrier, the atom can actually travel though an impenetrable barrier.

This is their theory, and they are looking for ways to prove it experimentally. I can give them one. Take an empty jar. Put a lid on it and seal it tightly, so not even air can get in or out. Now take this jar and put it in a house where a dog lives. Leave it alone for a day. When you come back, you will find it contains a few dog hairs. That's just they way the universe is. And it is a clear indication that quantum tunnelling is a real effect.

These are just a few of the things that we dog owners can contribute to the world of science. Perhaps next time I'll tell you what we can tell the businessmen of the world; perhaps how "Return On Investment" is watching your puppy grow up."

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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Please help...

Help wanted, please

No puppy training secrets post today, just a plea on all my doggy blogs for you to visit the BUKEA Horoscopes page then go to the Animal Rescue graphic, then just below that there is an article I would LOVE you to read. Then, if you haven't already clicked on the Animal Rescue site button for today, please do it.

We have been dealing with a rescue case recently which was most distressing... for both a little girl and the 5 year old dog... what I wouldn't like seeing done to the callous male in the case!

You can, as a puppy owner, be of particular help. Many people will see your adorable puppy and decide they 'want one', without thinking it through properly... please let them know what hard work it is to train and bring up a puppy in the right way. Stress the lifetime commitment they will need to make... and say what a large dog it will grow into. That it will need daily exercise, feeding on time, time spent with it... and a considerable amount of money - vets fees, etcetera.

If we can discourage irresponsible people from getting a puppy in the first place, perhaps fewer puppies and dogs will end up in rescue centers.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Digging... and the benefits of consistency

If you are looking for THE most consistently recommended dog training course on the internet... look no further... Click Here! for "SitStayFetch: Dog Training To Stop Your Dogs Behavior Problems".

My advice for all training would be... 'Be consistent'. If there is one thing which will help in all training it is consistency.

Always think about things from your puppy's point of view... if you take him or her to a beach and they dig you are happy they are enjoying themselves. If they do the same in your prized flower bed or vegetable patch... all of a sudden you aren't happy!

So, if you can, do try to set aside a portion of your garden for your puppy to have as its own, where it can dig, wander about, go to the toilet, or do whatever it chooses.

Train your puppy, right from the start, to go to this area which you have designated as his or hers... keep taking them to that area, until they realise it is 'their' area... and if they go elsewhere say 'off' and remove them from that area and take them back to their own area.

Digging is an instinctual habit which puppies and dogs have... some exhibit this trait, whilst others will never, ever, dig.

Sods law seems to apply here, as usual... as it is often dogs with long and pale coloured coats - the difficult to keep clean dogs - who dig, whilst it is those dogs with short, dark, and easy to manage coats, who don't!

Training is just a matter of calm, kind, consistent, and patient, reinforcement of your desired behavior - whilst distracting them when they do something which you want to discourage.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Are you searching for your perfect online Pet Store?

Have you got a good, helpful, and convenient pet store which is local to you? Does it stock everything you need for your pet? If not I have the ideal solution...

I am delighted with the two stores I am about the recommend! One is based in the UK, which also supplies goods to Europe. The other based in the USA.

I will review each store separately, with the United Kingdom [and Europe] store first... NB: Both stores stock a good selection of books.

PetPlanet is a veritable Alladin's Cave of high quality supplies for your pet.

It stocks goods for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Fish, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters and other small animals. But, not only does it stock an outstanding range of 'basics', it also has many extras, a Petplanet Clearance Department,
a household and clothing items area, books and multimedia, plus some delightful gardening items which really took my fancy.

The selection is far superior to any other store I found online... I was particularly checking out good quality dog beds and found their selection fantastic.

Add to all this a particularly good Breed Profile section, and an Insurance section which gives you all the information you'll need to make an informed choice on which policy would best suit you and your pet, and a delivery promise you surely couldn't beat.

Check it out for first class service, and read their complaints and return and refund policy statements... see how committed they are to complete customer satisfaction. You could save a lot of time and money whilst getting the best for your pet. - All Your Dog Needs In One Easy Online Shop

All Your Dog Needs In One Easy Online Shop
is the USA store I'm recommending, a quote from their website states... "We believe that the customer is higher than the dollar, and it shows in our stellar customer service and everyday low prices." So you know that customer care is at the top of their agenda. was built up on the idea of delivering only top quality supplies at fantastic prices. Over 10,000 Dog Supply Products. Order Today for Huge Savings!

Yes, you did read that correctly! It did say over 10,000 DOG supply products at their store... they also cater for cats, and have separate websites for horses, birds, ferrets and fish!

Delivery is free for orders over $49 and their price protection promise is unbeatable... check it out at the store!

Add to this first-class service, a comprehensive selection of premium goods... everything your pets could need... and you have the ideal online shopping experience for both you, and your pet.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The Underdog Show

New to TV in the UK this week [Tuesday] was the Underdog Show... the first of six programs.

The format for the show was to partner eight celebrities with a rescue dog and to partner each celebrity and their dog with a professional trainer. Then they had three weeks of training to get their dogs to do an agility type course. Three judges gave marks to each pair... their combined mark made up half the total vote... the public were encouraged to vote for their favorite, the money raised by the phone vote going to Children in Need.

Julian Clary and his dog Valerie fronted the show. What was on offer was a delightful hour for dog lovers and then the results show was another half-hour later in the evening, which included a display by Mary Ray with her dogs dancing to music... totally brilliant!

The dog which comes last, after combining both judges and public votes, at the end of each show is eliminated... last night it was the Afghan and Theo from 'Dragon's Den' who were eliminated... but there was a happy ending for the dog as he chose to adopt it and take it home!

The dogs who progress to the last show will be expected to do some dancing to music.

The dog which was placed last by the judges was really only a puppy... just eight months old... I think it was a bit much to expect it to concentrate for the full amount of time allotted especially with so many distractions of audience, lights, noise, etcetera.

But in reality I thought it did brilliantly. It just shows what can be achieved in such a short space of time with proper training of both puppy and handler.

If you can, make a date in your diary to watch The Underdog Show next Tuesday!

And if you are looking for training books, courses, or videos... just check our left-hand margin for the very best in training! Don't forget to check the FREE video at the Dove Cresswell link... your pup will love the training it offers.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Why you can't have enough 'doggy' information...

'Doggy' information... you can't have too much!

Whether you are new to puppy ownership or a seasoned owner... more information about dogs is always useful.

And whether you are looking for an amusing read which contains many thought provoking tales, like Marley & Me, or out and out training help written in an easy to absorb manner and directed absolutely towards the positive [and non-violent] way of training... there are books available which WILL help... and you can't go far wrong with our recommended online courses... see left-hand margin.

If you haven't already read it, I can thoroughly recommend Marley & Me as an amusing and informative read... to be totally honest, I haven't read the book as published, I've read the Reader's Digest condensed version... I'm sure you'd enjoy it!

Victoria Stilwell is frequently on TV in the UK and manages to sort out the most horrendous problem dogs [owners really!]... with a just few visits... to make sure the owners are following her instructions to the letter.

You can learn a lot from the problems... and from the proffered solutions. There is a link to her book within a previous post.

And Jan Fennells 'Dog Listener' books can be always relied on to be a good read AND extremely instructive. We have two in our 'doggy' library at the moment... though I'm sure more will follow soon.


Monday, March 19, 2007


What do I need to provide for my new puppy?

Once the important decision of how to choose and buy a puppy has been made, and you know which puppy is for you. You will need to prepare for the day when it enters into your life!

[If you missed the article on choosing a puppy... please visit our archives. Hopefully, no-one reading this would buy a puppy as a present, unless it had been agreed to by the entire recipient family. But, if you could spread this wisdom to others, it could well help to alleviate the re-homing crisis.]

If you have chosen a name all well and good, if not the sooner you can call your pup by its name, the sooner it will begin to recognise it.

To fetch your pup you will need a puppy harness, or at the very least a collar and lead. But please remember that your pup cannot be allowed to walk in the street until it has completed its full course of innoculations.

Have food and drink dishes ready, together with the correct puppy food - as recommended by your breeder.

You will also need somewhere for your pup to sleep... please remember pups chew! An old cardboard box with a slot cut out for the pup to get in and out of, and lined with newspapers and an old towel, will be quite adequate for the first few weeks.

Get an identity disc engraved ready to go on your pups collar... and consider having your puppy microchipped by your vet.

Which brings us to choosing and registering with a vet before you bring your pup home... so that you are ready to complete his or her course of injections.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Why does my puppy 'mouth' me?

If you are looking for an answer to the above question... read on!

Some people may even ask... what is 'mouthing'?

The answer to the second question - mouthing involves excessive grabbing of your hands or clothing.

A secondary problem to this is the fact that if your puppy does this to 'non-doggy' people, they may accuse you of having a dog which bites.

The puppies mouth is his or her most effective means of communication - if you have ever watched a litter of puppies playing together, you will have seen them pulling and tugging at each other... if one bites too hard the bitten pup yelps and leaves the pup who bit him and ignores that particular pup.

We need to replicate this behavior. Stop playing with him or her immediately, yelp, and pretend to lick your wounds even, whilst ignoring the puppy entirely.

Never use physical punishment like hitting your pup... it may even think that's part of the game!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


How can YOU help animals? Puppies in particular...

Many people will admire your gorgeous puppy. All puppies have that 'ah' factor! If you can, educate people about all the hard work involved in looking after a puppy and the resultant - far farger - dog in a responsible and caring manner.

You need staying power and time to care for a dog properly... remember too the 'car sticker saying' - a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. If you could get that thought across to any potential dog owners... you would be helping your breed.

If your particular breed has a breed rescue trust, see if you can help there, even by just visiting and assessing dogs which need re-homing you are helping animals. It is extremely sad to see but it has to be done, some are victims of cruelty, others may have been bereaved, or be the victims of family breakup... many sad reasons, many sad dogs.

Heartless describes many of these people... and the cruelty some of these animals suffer is appaling, our rescue Ridgeback was a victim of cruelty from four months old.

Now with more and more family breakups some extremely sad cases exist which make you wonder at the state of 'human nature'... well some parts of it anyway.

Whilst some people have the money to waste to fight in court for custody of the dog... others are left as total paupers with young children to look after and not enough money to keep their beloved family pet.

So, how can you help animals... just do what you can, please!

I expect most of my readers will have heard of this already... but I wanted to just mention it, in case there is anyone out there who can help too, once they know how to!

If you want an answer to the query posed in our title 'How can YOU help animals?' Then there is a simple way, which won't cost you anything apart from a few seconds, in which you can help animals in need... just click the link to The Animal Rescue Site.

Your daily click will help fund food for the increasing number of animals having to be looked after in rescue homes. If you decide to shop through the website too, that will give even more... they have a wonderful selection of items, many of which are individually made. So if you are looking for a gift which not only does good, but also, is different, individual and reasonably priced this could be the ideal place to look.

Having purchased many different items from them I know the value... there is clothing, jewellery, pottery, even fair trade food items... some items are available in the USA only, but many are available internationally. Give it a try... you might find the ideal gift for that person who has everything!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Miracles of training...

Whilst Crufts is still fresh in the memory of most dog lovers... on TV in the UK we are being treated to another series by Victoria Stilwell of 'It's Me or the Dog' fame. This time some extremely unlikely pooches are being trained for Crufts.

The problems featured in the first show were:- a hyperactive dog. A dog who refused to have anyone anywhere near its mouth. The third dog had no official pedigree so was unable to attend the breed part of the show, but was 'renowned' for its addiction to food! Boredom can be a problem for some dogs. So the idea was for it to do dancing to music... and it performed brilliantly.

All three dogs showed remarkable progress and the owners were extremely happy with the difference in their dogs.

A small note... if your dog is hyperactive... first look at the food they are fed! When you first bring home your puppy, hopefully your breeder will have informed you of what puppy food it has been fed on, they might even give you a small supply. Do NOT change his or her diet in the immediate future... all changes MUST be gradual. Get advice from your vet or other professional on the best feed regime for your puppy.

The dancing/heelwork to music has been the real eye-opener at Crufts this time with the popularity vastly increasing... and when you can see what can be achieved in such a short amount of time, I'm sure it can only get bigger, and bigger. You basically need a dog which is food motivated... aren't they all? Well there are a few exceptions, but with professional tuition there must be a way round this problem.

Once your puppy has been socialised and is basically obedient [see the books we recommend] then, if it has loads of spare energy or is bored, how about trying heelwork to music... or visit our blogs on Agility and Flyball?

For more information on heelwork to music visit your national Kennel Club website... the UK site has an extremely interesting and informative article on 'heelwork to music' and there are also many useful links. It also stresses that if you want to progress in the 'sport' you should consider doing 'Obedience' FIRST. [Somewhere within our blogs you WILL find National Kennel Club addresses!]

[Remember to check out Victoria Stilwells book below to sort out ANY obedience problems you may have.] Another web address you may find interesting is Victoria ... here you will find an actual transcript of a webchat with Victoria Stilwell... amongst the interesting topics covered were... dogs jumping up, socialization, destructive behaviour, and recalling your dog.

If you are looking for informational videos and Mary Ray, try the following web address...Agility Net.

Now for a link for you to the brilliant book by Victoria Stilwell... armed with this book, you, too, could soon be performing miracles of training...


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Tips for bringing up a healthy puppy

The article below was taken from Meredith's blog on bringing up a puppy... it is full of useful information for the new puppy owner...

A Healthy Puppy

There are many aspects that factor in to the health of your puppy or dog. The following are important factors.

Vaccinations: A puppy should receive its first vaccinations around week 5 or 6, and will continue for several weeks. Your vet will make a schedule of vaccinations that is very important to stick to. Also, every year a dog should receive booster vaccinations to protect against illness. The two most important vaccinations are for rabies and distemper.

Spaying or Neutering: These procedures should take place after the puppy reaches 6 months, but before the first heat. Spaying and neuturing will help control the pet population, and it also helps to protect against ovarian and prostate cancer.

Weight: Your puppy's weight should be a specific range for the age, breed, and size of the puppy. Your vet can give you a detailed weight chart specifically for your dog. It is important to have a balance of good nutrition and exercise. You should not overfeed your puppy or dog, especially because some dogs are prone to gaining weight easily. For example, labs are known to over-eat, so you should regulate how much food they receive every day.

Heartbeat: A dog's heartbeat ranges from 50 to 130 beats per minute, depending on the size and breed of the dog. A small dog and puppies will have a faster heartbeat. Also, dogs that are in excellent physical shape will have a much slower heartbeat.

Temperature: A dog's temperature ranges from 101-102.5 degrees.

Teeth: A puppy should have around 23 baby teeth and up to 42 adult teeth. Puppies will start losing its teeth around 4-6 months of age. Teething can be painful and cause destructive chewing. Make sure to have chew toys and rawhides available all the time. Teeth should be brushed about one a week. Many types of bones are designed to clean teeth, such as Greenies.

Keep New: Posted on: Wed, Dec 6 2006 4:39 AM Updated: Thu, Dec 7 2006 7:55

Monday, March 12, 2007


More tips for new puppy owners...

Are you new to puppy training? Is this your first puppy? And did you take professional advice before choosing which breed to go for? Or have you taken on a 'Heinz 57', a mongrel?

Whatever your answers to the above questions... a few more tips for new puppy owners will surely come in handy! If you are like most people nowadays, you lead an extremely busy life!

Two things apply to whatever breed of puppy you have decided upon...

1. When a puppy gets tired it will immediately 'crash out' wherever it may happen to be! [And when it is asleep, it can't get into any trouble!]

2. When a puppy is bored... it will get into mischief!

To help with the problem of boredom, if you are too busy to walk your puppy during the day... why not employ a professional dog/puppy walker? This will stimulate the puppy with new experiences, and also help use up some of that spare energy.

Be extremely careful in your choice of puppy walker, perhaps your vet could recommend one, or maybe a friend or relative either knows a professional, or would take on the job.

If you choose a professional they will be experienced and qualified, and would be able to start the basics of obedience training whilst exercising your pet.

Professional dog walkers are also a boon for either elderly or incapacitated owners who want a pet for companionship, but could not give the dog/puppy the amount of exercise it requires for its health and fitness.

Please don't forget to check out our links in the left-hand margin... not only useful training books and video courses, but also links to pet supplies, and links to other blogs on grooming, dog training, and sports for dogs.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Natural remedies are NOT just for people!

If you are a believer in natural remedies for yourself... why not try them for your pet too?

They are often less harsh than treatments which you can get in the pet shop, and whilst we are dealing with a puppy's delicate skin we must be extra careful... if you read and study the available info in this book first... you will be well prepared for any problems which may occur! I always think disaster usually seems to strike when you are least prepared... sort of sods law!

What attracted me to the Dog Skin Solutions book in the first place was the mention of oatmeal for doggy dandruff! I knew the validity of this premise, as I had heard of its skincare uses previously.

Do you know that oatmeal [placed in a bag] is often recommended for people with eczema? They are advised to use it in the bath, partly as a water softener. I was aware of this natural remedy, so using it for dog skin problems attracted my attention.

The Dog Skin Solutions book has even been recommended by vets. The book comes with a generous full two month guarantee. What is more it could save your pet days of distress, and at the same time it will save you loads of money!

Included are bonus books on 'Coat Shedding', 'Home Remedies', and 'How to Save a Fortune of Pet Supplies'.

Check Dog Skin Solutions out at this link... Click Here! Dog Skin Solutions... before your next expensive trip to the vets.

Obviously, there are times, as the website cautions, when it is vital to consult your vet. This book does not try to replace your vet in any way. And natural remedies cannot treat everything. You need a good working relationship with your vet to preclude serious medical problems for your pets.

Click Here! Dog Skin Solutions

Friday, March 2, 2007


Puppy training... and Crates (or cages)

Crates or cages can be OK if used sensibly and as long as your puppy is well exercised, loved, and played with, and not left in the crate/cage for too long a period, or in an inappropriate place, then they can be a help... they could also be helpful when travelling.

The puppy can grow to look on them as a place of refuge... away from the hustle and bustle, and from other pets.

They will avoid getting bullied by other pets, being fallen over or walked on whilst you are busy, and it would stop him or her from destructiveness and chewing whilst you are unable to keep an eye on them.

Do make certain that the bars are close enough together so that your puppy cannot get his or her head, legs, or mouth stuck... this is VITAL.

Having said all this... personally I have never found any need for a crate. What I have found invaluable though was a second-hand child-gate which we could put at various doorways, or at the bottom of the stairs to restrict access. SO useful!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Puppy Training with Love

Thought this delightful post might be of interest... you can perhaps keep up with progress as it occurs...

Puppy Love
Meet the newest member of the family, Humphrey, our cute 7 week old boxer pup. Butch wanted to christen him “Pacquiao” but M shivered with the disgust over the suggestion. So Humphrey it is. My gosh, our puppy has grown over a 4 week period. Five weeks ago, this adorable puppy wasn’t even walking yet. I gushed over Humphrey as he stared at me with puppy dog eyes. His eyes lingered towards his siblings as if wanting to play one more time. And he stared back at me as if saying “let me play, please” . I couldn’t resist those puppy dog looks and stroked his light fawn colored fur. I let him play a few more minutes before it was time to go home. The kennel owner handed over the Philippine Canine Club “Certified Pedigree & Registration Certificate” which showed that Humphrey had 12 red lines of champions in his family tree. Not that I am going to be a breeder but a little intelligence in a dog is a must. It’s not an assurance that a champion line breeds excellent dogs but it might help.

Humphrey seemed resigned to his fate and reluctantly allowed me to carry him to the car. He remained quiet and slept throughout the trip from Cainta to Makati. Hmm. Is he really that well-behaved? The next daunting task is the introduction to the other family members, the two felines. Will they scratch, hiss at Humphrey or better yet feel ignored ?

I wish the two girls were at home to welcome Humphrey and assure the other 2 felines that they are just as loved as the new puppy. Kylee is L’s pet while Lady is M’s pet. To remedy any jealousy issues, Humphrey will be my pet so that the two cats won’t feel betrayed by their masters. We finally arrived home after a brief stop at the pet shop.

So far so good.

Lady hissed and arched her back as she saw Humphrey. Naturally, it’s their first meeting.

Humphrey confused with his new home stares back at me with those sad puppy dog eyes. He sleeps below my computer chair even as I type this entry. Boxers are generally content to lie quietly with their owners for hours. I’ve always envisioned a dog sprawled beside me to keep me company. I read somewhere that they are such lap babies. If not trying to sit on my lap, he sits on my feet or on top Butch’ shoes. I find it so charming. We ended up “boxing”. I like how they use their paws to “box”. Is it why they were named “boxer”?

Night beckoned soon. I allowed Humphrey to sleep in our bedroom. Like a baby, he slept peacefully in his basket. I expected him to wail or whine at night but he only woke up briefly . A quick pat on the head calmed him down to sleep again.

It was a sweet first night together. I still have to learn a lot about this breed but my next task is toilet training. Any ideas?

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