Friday, September 5, 2008


Dog and Puppy Health Problems

Did you see the much publicised Pedigree Dogs Exposed [on UK TV] which has left most dog breeders and exhibitors incredulous and angry, and others feeling that it may have served as a timely reminder that there are issues that need addressing by the KC and breeders before it becomes too late?!

Then there was the Martin Clunes dog programme [in 2 parts] which was MOST interesting... and did touch on the same negative health problems occuring in pedigree dogs in the last programme. If you missed both programmes and own a pedigree dog do try and see if any of your friends taped the programmes. Most worrying!

The health problems appear to be getting worse and worse. Just looking at some breeds makes you worry - think of the poor Alsations, whose back ends and legs look all wrong, and from what was said on the programme it is being encouraged by the Kennel Club as the way they should be! But it causes untold problems later in life, and not that much later, either!

Arthritis, heart problems, heads too small for the brain, poor articulation, breathing problems, and so much more is being increasingly found within the pedigree dog breeds - in breeding is a major problem, as is breeding for required TYPE for showing. More worryingly, dogs with known problems are being made champions and are being bred from in large numbers - increasing the problem exponentially.

[If you are thinking of adopting new dog from rescue - a working dog, from working stock, a mixed breed, a Heinz 57, would all be perhaps better bets health wise - obviously if you are a fan of a particular breed, then it will be that particular rescue that you go, but do please be aware that the veterinarian costs for your new pet could be horrendous... maybe the previous owners knew of the health problem and that was their reason for the abandonment!

I do know of some unscrupulour cases of this phenomena. Your breed's Welfare Trust might be helpful in this respect if they can afford it - I know with our Trust they do fund vets fees for health checks firstly, and secondly try to fund vets fees for problems found in abandoned animals.]

The mental anguish, the vets costs, and the final outcome of this ticking time bomb is something perhaps best avoided.

It was horrific to hear how some of those poor animals suffered, and all in the name of 'best of breed'! I know of several people who couldn't bear to watch all of the programme - but it is best publicised, whilst hopefully, there is still time to at least partially reverse the harm being done to pedigree breeds.

Monday, September 1, 2008


EastEnders and Wellard

Do you watch EastEnders? [UK TV programme] You'll be happy to know that Kyte who played Wellard is alive and well, though she is getting on in years!

She is trained using treats, will do anything for food! She really played the part amazingly well from when she took the part over from her mother. Terence, also of EastEnders fame comes from the same 'stable'.

What really pleased me was that EastEnders undertook to highlight the danger to dogs from CHOCOLATE. If you are getting a new puppy before Christmas - please pay attention here!

The choclate treats you can buy for your pet in the petshop are totally different, and aren't dangerous, but chocolate which is meant for human consumption can have an extremely detrimental effect on the health of your pet and in some cases, kill.

Please keep it away from them... Christmas can be a very tempting time for your dog with chocolate decorations on the tree maybe and also presents [chocolates] under the tree on Christmas night. Make sure your dog is well away from these temptations.

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