Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Basic Obedience Training can be fun!

The following is a quick review of one of the courses which we recommend... Click Here! for Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online... just a quick link for if you haven't got time to read the review!

Dove Cresswell is a professional Hollywood North dog trainer. She trains dogs and puppies for films, television, and commercials.

I'm sure you appreciate that you need to be a top trainer to get this type of job... time is money when filming, so the puppies and dogs need to perform perfectly for each 'take'. You need to know your stuff, and you need to get results FAST... after all, this is a dream job we are talking about here!

Basic obedience training for puppies needs to be fun. And for puppies, in particular, training sessions need to be kept short... the puppies need to consider the obedience training just another game... this is how this particular course can be of help. You'll see what I mean when you view the demonstration video!

The course consists of lessons with sound and pictures - you can view a sample lesson free online when you check out the link at the end [or beginning] of this article. There are 7 lessons which include the all-important obedience training. Also, for puppies, you won't want to miss the puppy house training/potty training video. And you also get an invaluable bonus.

Amongst all the sensible advice on the website is included the caution to keep training sessions SHORT, to keep your pet interested... the well-being of your pet is a first priority.

I won't keep you from reading all the sensible free advice on the website much longer... but thought you would want to know that the course comes with a full guarantee AND a wonderful set of eight bonus gifts, including valuable information on DOG SPORTS.

To view the free video just Click Here! for Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online.

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