Saturday, March 24, 2007


Digging... and the benefits of consistency

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My advice for all training would be... 'Be consistent'. If there is one thing which will help in all training it is consistency.

Always think about things from your puppy's point of view... if you take him or her to a beach and they dig you are happy they are enjoying themselves. If they do the same in your prized flower bed or vegetable patch... all of a sudden you aren't happy!

So, if you can, do try to set aside a portion of your garden for your puppy to have as its own, where it can dig, wander about, go to the toilet, or do whatever it chooses.

Train your puppy, right from the start, to go to this area which you have designated as his or hers... keep taking them to that area, until they realise it is 'their' area... and if they go elsewhere say 'off' and remove them from that area and take them back to their own area.

Digging is an instinctual habit which puppies and dogs have... some exhibit this trait, whilst others will never, ever, dig.

Sods law seems to apply here, as usual... as it is often dogs with long and pale coloured coats - the difficult to keep clean dogs - who dig, whilst it is those dogs with short, dark, and easy to manage coats, who don't!

Training is just a matter of calm, kind, consistent, and patient, reinforcement of your desired behavior - whilst distracting them when they do something which you want to discourage.

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