Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Giving the correct commands... the difference between 'down' and 'off'

The first and most vital thing you must do is decide if DOWN is the word you want to use to get your puppy to go 'down'.

There is a possibility of confusion if you aren't careful in choosing a different word for if you want your pet to get off something... for example, if your pet has got up on a chair or sofa and you want it to get down... it will be no good saying 'down', or it will do as it is told, and lie down!

[So if you want down to mean 'down', you will have to use 'off' for getting off something.]

Now on to teaching your pet to 'down'... and once your puppy will happily do this, you will be on the way to curing an overly dominant pup [in the down position your puppy will feel at its most vulnerable].

Treats in the form of your pups favorite titbit are a good lure to get your pet into the 'down' position. Hold the titbit in front of your puppy, and lower your hand to the floor whilst saying down - don't release the titbit until your pet is down. Give the titbit and plenty of praise when the required position has been attained!

Sitting on the floor, making your leg into a ^ sort of shape [with your knee as the top of the triangle]... then using your opposite hand to encourage your puppy through the triangle with a titbit, is a way of getting them into a down position, if they are amenable to that, or can treat it as a type of game! Give plenty of praise if you are successful.

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