Thursday, March 15, 2007


How can YOU help animals? Puppies in particular...

Many people will admire your gorgeous puppy. All puppies have that 'ah' factor! If you can, educate people about all the hard work involved in looking after a puppy and the resultant - far farger - dog in a responsible and caring manner.

You need staying power and time to care for a dog properly... remember too the 'car sticker saying' - a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. If you could get that thought across to any potential dog owners... you would be helping your breed.

If your particular breed has a breed rescue trust, see if you can help there, even by just visiting and assessing dogs which need re-homing you are helping animals. It is extremely sad to see but it has to be done, some are victims of cruelty, others may have been bereaved, or be the victims of family breakup... many sad reasons, many sad dogs.

Heartless describes many of these people... and the cruelty some of these animals suffer is appaling, our rescue Ridgeback was a victim of cruelty from four months old.

Now with more and more family breakups some extremely sad cases exist which make you wonder at the state of 'human nature'... well some parts of it anyway.

Whilst some people have the money to waste to fight in court for custody of the dog... others are left as total paupers with young children to look after and not enough money to keep their beloved family pet.

So, how can you help animals... just do what you can, please!

I expect most of my readers will have heard of this already... but I wanted to just mention it, in case there is anyone out there who can help too, once they know how to!

If you want an answer to the query posed in our title 'How can YOU help animals?' Then there is a simple way, which won't cost you anything apart from a few seconds, in which you can help animals in need... just click the link to The Animal Rescue Site.

Your daily click will help fund food for the increasing number of animals having to be looked after in rescue homes. If you decide to shop through the website too, that will give even more... they have a wonderful selection of items, many of which are individually made. So if you are looking for a gift which not only does good, but also, is different, individual and reasonably priced this could be the ideal place to look.

Having purchased many different items from them I know the value... there is clothing, jewellery, pottery, even fair trade food items... some items are available in the USA only, but many are available internationally. Give it a try... you might find the ideal gift for that person who has everything!

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