Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Miracles of training...

Whilst Crufts is still fresh in the memory of most dog lovers... on TV in the UK we are being treated to another series by Victoria Stilwell of 'It's Me or the Dog' fame. This time some extremely unlikely pooches are being trained for Crufts.

The problems featured in the first show were:- a hyperactive dog. A dog who refused to have anyone anywhere near its mouth. The third dog had no official pedigree so was unable to attend the breed part of the show, but was 'renowned' for its addiction to food! Boredom can be a problem for some dogs. So the idea was for it to do dancing to music... and it performed brilliantly.

All three dogs showed remarkable progress and the owners were extremely happy with the difference in their dogs.

A small note... if your dog is hyperactive... first look at the food they are fed! When you first bring home your puppy, hopefully your breeder will have informed you of what puppy food it has been fed on, they might even give you a small supply. Do NOT change his or her diet in the immediate future... all changes MUST be gradual. Get advice from your vet or other professional on the best feed regime for your puppy.

The dancing/heelwork to music has been the real eye-opener at Crufts this time with the popularity vastly increasing... and when you can see what can be achieved in such a short amount of time, I'm sure it can only get bigger, and bigger. You basically need a dog which is food motivated... aren't they all? Well there are a few exceptions, but with professional tuition there must be a way round this problem.

Once your puppy has been socialised and is basically obedient [see the books we recommend] then, if it has loads of spare energy or is bored, how about trying heelwork to music... or visit our blogs on Agility and Flyball?

For more information on heelwork to music visit your national Kennel Club website... the UK site has an extremely interesting and informative article on 'heelwork to music' and there are also many useful links. It also stresses that if you want to progress in the 'sport' you should consider doing 'Obedience' FIRST. [Somewhere within our blogs you WILL find National Kennel Club addresses!]

[Remember to check out Victoria Stilwells book below to sort out ANY obedience problems you may have.] Another web address you may find interesting is Victoria ... here you will find an actual transcript of a webchat with Victoria Stilwell... amongst the interesting topics covered were... dogs jumping up, socialization, destructive behaviour, and recalling your dog.

If you are looking for informational videos and Mary Ray, try the following web address...Agility Net.

Now for a link for you to the brilliant book by Victoria Stilwell... armed with this book, you, too, could soon be performing miracles of training...


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