Monday, March 12, 2007


More tips for new puppy owners...

Are you new to puppy training? Is this your first puppy? And did you take professional advice before choosing which breed to go for? Or have you taken on a 'Heinz 57', a mongrel?

Whatever your answers to the above questions... a few more tips for new puppy owners will surely come in handy! If you are like most people nowadays, you lead an extremely busy life!

Two things apply to whatever breed of puppy you have decided upon...

1. When a puppy gets tired it will immediately 'crash out' wherever it may happen to be! [And when it is asleep, it can't get into any trouble!]

2. When a puppy is bored... it will get into mischief!

To help with the problem of boredom, if you are too busy to walk your puppy during the day... why not employ a professional dog/puppy walker? This will stimulate the puppy with new experiences, and also help use up some of that spare energy.

Be extremely careful in your choice of puppy walker, perhaps your vet could recommend one, or maybe a friend or relative either knows a professional, or would take on the job.

If you choose a professional they will be experienced and qualified, and would be able to start the basics of obedience training whilst exercising your pet.

Professional dog walkers are also a boon for either elderly or incapacitated owners who want a pet for companionship, but could not give the dog/puppy the amount of exercise it requires for its health and fitness.

Please don't forget to check out our links in the left-hand margin... not only useful training books and video courses, but also links to pet supplies, and links to other blogs on grooming, dog training, and sports for dogs.

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