Sunday, March 11, 2007


Natural remedies are NOT just for people!

If you are a believer in natural remedies for yourself... why not try them for your pet too?

They are often less harsh than treatments which you can get in the pet shop, and whilst we are dealing with a puppy's delicate skin we must be extra careful... if you read and study the available info in this book first... you will be well prepared for any problems which may occur! I always think disaster usually seems to strike when you are least prepared... sort of sods law!

What attracted me to the Dog Skin Solutions book in the first place was the mention of oatmeal for doggy dandruff! I knew the validity of this premise, as I had heard of its skincare uses previously.

Do you know that oatmeal [placed in a bag] is often recommended for people with eczema? They are advised to use it in the bath, partly as a water softener. I was aware of this natural remedy, so using it for dog skin problems attracted my attention.

The Dog Skin Solutions book has even been recommended by vets. The book comes with a generous full two month guarantee. What is more it could save your pet days of distress, and at the same time it will save you loads of money!

Included are bonus books on 'Coat Shedding', 'Home Remedies', and 'How to Save a Fortune of Pet Supplies'.

Check Dog Skin Solutions out at this link... Click Here! Dog Skin Solutions... before your next expensive trip to the vets.

Obviously, there are times, as the website cautions, when it is vital to consult your vet. This book does not try to replace your vet in any way. And natural remedies cannot treat everything. You need a good working relationship with your vet to preclude serious medical problems for your pets.

Click Here! Dog Skin Solutions

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