Monday, March 19, 2007


What do I need to provide for my new puppy?

Once the important decision of how to choose and buy a puppy has been made, and you know which puppy is for you. You will need to prepare for the day when it enters into your life!

[If you missed the article on choosing a puppy... please visit our archives. Hopefully, no-one reading this would buy a puppy as a present, unless it had been agreed to by the entire recipient family. But, if you could spread this wisdom to others, it could well help to alleviate the re-homing crisis.]

If you have chosen a name all well and good, if not the sooner you can call your pup by its name, the sooner it will begin to recognise it.

To fetch your pup you will need a puppy harness, or at the very least a collar and lead. But please remember that your pup cannot be allowed to walk in the street until it has completed its full course of innoculations.

Have food and drink dishes ready, together with the correct puppy food - as recommended by your breeder.

You will also need somewhere for your pup to sleep... please remember pups chew! An old cardboard box with a slot cut out for the pup to get in and out of, and lined with newspapers and an old towel, will be quite adequate for the first few weeks.

Get an identity disc engraved ready to go on your pups collar... and consider having your puppy microchipped by your vet.

Which brings us to choosing and registering with a vet before you bring your pup home... so that you are ready to complete his or her course of injections.

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