Saturday, April 7, 2007


Why do dogs eat grass... and is it bad for them?

I found this fascinating article at the Dog Health blog where you can find loads of interesting and informative posts/articles.

"Putting Your Pet out to Pasture

Article Presented by:
Gary Kurz

Don't let the title fool you. This is not an article about your pet getting old. The title is just a "hook" to encourage you to read on. Hopefully, when you do, you will find this a very informative article relating to your pet's health, or at least your understanding of some aspects of it.

I actually want to talk to you about grass. That's right...grass. More specifically, I want to talk to you about why dogs and cats eat grass.

I think we would be hard-pressed to find anyone who has not witnessed this peculiarity of domestic animals at one time or another. When it is our pet, however, it can cause us concern and, if we let our imaginations go unchecked, it can cause us alarm.

It has been my experience that on occasion, that alarm can lead to unnecessary expense as we panic and rush our best friend off to the nearest veterinarian, only to hear him tell us with a chuckle "he's okay, it's normal for him to eat grass. How embarrassing is that!

Why is it normal for our pets to consume grass? They all do it if they are allowed access to it. Are they not getting the right nourishment? Are they ill? These are all unsettling, but reasonable questions.

More unsettling is that invariably..."

Read on further at Dog Health... the post was made on Monday, 27th November, 2006 [11/27/2006] and was a most interesting read.

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