Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Our Rhodesian Ridgeback... Loki

I just thought it was about time there was a photo of Loki added to my blog!

For those who haven't been reading this [or any of my other 'doggy' blogs] for any length of time... he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and a rescue dog, from the RRWT [Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust - if you want further info about this, just let me know via a comment on the blog]... and he had lead a pretty dreadful life before he came to us.

Very sad to say, but, there are pups of 3 to 4 months who come up for re-homing by the RRWT... if you are an experienced owner, do consider these poor little mites... people still take on Ridgebacks who know nothing about them. You need a lot of energy to bring up a pup... I think it is more tiring than the first few months of a baby!

Mind you Loki has had a pretty rough trot since we have had him - in the health stakes. Some of his problems, at least, can be traced back to his past ill-treatment.

Along with a delicate stomach he has had to have treatment for cruciate ligament damage to both back legs, thyroid treatment and daily pills, arthritis too because of the leg problems... we are trying a magnetic collar to help with this. Also occasional epileptic fits... which we are hoping will subside without having to resort to drugs... we are again hoping the magnetic collar will help here, plus we are using some drops from PetAlive.com [see link in left-hand margin AND posts on 22nd and 23rd April, 2007] who are ace suppliers, but, more than that, they give wonderfully detailed explanations of problems, what to look for and when to get in touch with your vet... just brilliantly helpful information!

And you can add to the above list... treatment for teeth; and claws which have to be clipped at the vets, as unlike our previous Ridgeback which we had as a pup, he won't let us clip his claws... and they grow to a point at the front as his elbows are 'out' because he was chained as a pup from 4 to 11 months... before he was given over to the RSPCA.

He had got to the stage that he enjoyed all the attention in the waiting room at the vets... but would clamp himself to the floor as soon as the vet opened the door to the consulting room - it was just as if he were super-glued to the floor.

I had to stand over him and lift him up and walk him into the room still over him and holding him up! Everyone there found it most amusing!

Fingers crossed, at the moment, he is only visiting for claw clipping.

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