Saturday, May 5, 2007


Puppies learn SO well, if trained properly!

Can I recommend that, if you want an inspiring story, you just click over to one of our other blogs?

Puppies can learn SO well - even those who have had a terrible past. Sad to say, puppies as young as four months, are often abandoned, ill-treated, or put out for re-homing.

[Our present dog is a rescue who was ill-treated from four to eleven months of age... before going to the RSPCA for a longish stay, then re-homed, then returned to the RSPCA who contacted Ridgeback Rescue, and a breeder took him in until he could be permanently re-homed. We had him some six weeks later as we were looking to re-home... he was somewhere around two and a half years old by that time!]

The inspiring story is about the dogs from the Dogs Trust who were featured on The UnderDog Show... some of them were mere pups, yet with proper training they learnt so quickly and so well - and became confident, affectionate, happy, and delightful pets.

Another thing I would recommend is the course by Dove Cresswell - her Dog Training Online has a freebie lesson which you must check out. It works so well, our dog picked it up amazingly quickly. Do try it!

I almost forgot the link to... Dog Agility Training where you can read about the inspiring story of Chump the Champ and his canine companions at the UnderDog Show!

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