Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Choose the right breed of puppy - terrestial TV to your aid!

Terrestial TV in the UK has been good to dogs, and education and rescue, this year.

There has been coverage of Crufts. We have had the excellent show presented by Julian Clary... The Underdog Show.

Also there was a most interesting programme about a couple of 'problem' dogs. Two breeds were featured the Bearded Collie and a Bloodhound.

The dogs in question were 'problem' dogs - basically they were probably not suited to the lifestyle they were forced to live and could have been bored! This helps point out the vital importance of choosing the right breed for your lifestyle... see link at the bottom of this post.

Once these dogs were taken on by dog trainers who trained them for what the breed is naturally adapted to do... they not only became well behaved, but they also became interested and competent at their jobs. As a bloodhound, and a collie/sheepdog!

The next date for your diary is I believe 16th July when Matt Baker [of Blue Peter fame] and Selina Scott [triumphant in the Underdog Show with Chump] will start a new show which aims to help people find the ideal rescue dog [or puppy] for their particular lifestyle.

This all points out most clearly that whilst different lifestyles suit different people, so different breeds of dog need different lifestyles to suit their inbred needs!

Let's hope that terrestial TV can set up some brilliant partnerships - and that it will inform those who are looking to have a puppy, or re-home a dog, a little about the very different requirements of some of the various dog breeds.

For those who want further (and extremely useful) information on choosing the right puppy for your lifestyle, here is a link to Discover Dogs... with loads of varied info and dates for your diary... from The Kennel Club.

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