Thursday, August 23, 2007


'Doggy Blog Clips' and my four Doggy Blogs

Puppy Training Secrets is just one of four 'doggy blogs' which I maintain.

Though you may be interested in just training your new puppy, or want to learn more about it, where to find help, or have arrived by mistake! ... all the blogs are, in reality, interrelated and can help you in your quest for knowledge.

All are about an interest you have in dogs, and are about the dogs themselves - and adding an extra interest for them in their lives.

First must come training at an early age - hence 'puppy training secrets'. Then remember, your pet must be well trained and obedient before taking on any other interests - hence 'secrets of dog training'.

After the initial training, which is best accomplished when your pet is interested, remember they have short interest spans when young... and tire easily... then you can go forward to other interests for both you and your pet... maybe agility or flyball, or you could take on obedience.

Both sports suit different dogs, see which your dog prefers... and remember if you go for agility... you will need to be quick too, and give good and consistent hand signals. Both you, and your pet, will make new friends here - and your pet will not suffer from boredom in the way many pets can, if not stimulated sufficiently.

Two vital things to remember with this blog... if you want to learn basics, plus what is the main focus of this blog... THE OLDEST, & OLDER ARCHIVES ARE THE BEST PLACE TO START READING... also, you will find lots of useful info in the left-hand margin, including a link to 'Doggy Blog Clips' - which is crammed full of interesting articles.

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