Tuesday, August 14, 2007


What have spotted owls got to do with puppy training?

I know this isn't on topic, but this is a brilliant animal organisation which, as an animal lover, I'm sure you will find fascinating!

If you are looking for information on puppy training secrets then you ARE at the right place. You just need to go back to the very beginning of this blog - look in our oldest, and next oldest archives!

I don't want to go over and over the same old same old - and bore everyone rigid! So if you have any queries which aren't covered, or if you want another subject highlighted - just let me know! And don't forget to have a look at the links to some free training which you'll find in the margin.

Now for the bird!

The following is the first paragraph from an email entitled WildAlert which I am subscribed to... "In America's great Pacific Northwest you can find ancient trees, cascading rivers, spotted owls and salmon. These old-growth forests are American icons and help define the region's wildlife and people."

Visit TheWildernessSociety... click the link, visit the website to learn about the plight of the spotted owl, and you can also sign up for WildAlert from this page. It won't cost you a cent/euro/penny to help... yet your opinion will count.

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