Sunday, July 27, 2008


Puppy training problems?

You'll find the answers to some of your puppy training problems within the early Archives at Puppy Training Secrets, but if we haven't answered your specific problem then I thoroughly recommend SitStayFetch: Dog Training To Stop Your Dogs Behavior Problems.

Why? Because if you've got puppy or dog training issues, you surely can get no better advice than by absorbing all the info within SitStayFetch... so get yourself a copy and consider your problems solved!

Read the quote from the bottom of their newsletter [in quotes below]... above this the newsletters always feature a couple or so questions which have been sent in, with the oh so helpful and wise replies to the queries.

It all comes down to who is the Alpha dog and HOW you go about establishing the pecking order. Do it the wrong way and all you will get is trouble, don't do it at all and trouble will also follow you, do it the correct way and you and your pet will have a happy, trouble-free and rewarding relationship.


While the SitStayFetch team would love to be able to answer all of the query's about dog problems that we receive, unfortunately, due to time constraints (it takes 30-40 minutes to answer a typical query properly), our consultation service is only available to those people who have purchased the SitStayFetch series of books.

If you have ordered SitStayFetch, just send us a detailed description of the problem, along with your Clickbank receipt number and we will get back to you within 1-4 working days with recommendations on how to solve it once and for all!"


P.S. - You'll also find a link to SitStayFetch in our left-hand margin!

Nice blog. I will keep reading. Please take the time to visit my blog about Puppy & Dog Training.
I have a problem with my puppy. She keeps biting our papers,rag and eats anything and everything on the floor. Any tips on this ?
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