Monday, September 1, 2008


EastEnders and Wellard

Do you watch EastEnders? [UK TV programme] You'll be happy to know that Kyte who played Wellard is alive and well, though she is getting on in years!

She is trained using treats, will do anything for food! She really played the part amazingly well from when she took the part over from her mother. Terence, also of EastEnders fame comes from the same 'stable'.

What really pleased me was that EastEnders undertook to highlight the danger to dogs from CHOCOLATE. If you are getting a new puppy before Christmas - please pay attention here!

The choclate treats you can buy for your pet in the petshop are totally different, and aren't dangerous, but chocolate which is meant for human consumption can have an extremely detrimental effect on the health of your pet and in some cases, kill.

Please keep it away from them... Christmas can be a very tempting time for your dog with chocolate decorations on the tree maybe and also presents [chocolates] under the tree on Christmas night. Make sure your dog is well away from these temptations.

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